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SouthWest Software, one of Devon's leading web designers


Below are listed just some of the many services that we provide. If you cannot see what you are looking for, please get in touch with one of our consultants.

Web-Based Solutions

We can provide simple web solutions for the small business, or complex database-driven e-commerce sites for the larger commercial concern. See here for some of our designs.

Software Development

With over 20 years of development experience, we can offer experienced, professional development resources. We can provide developers to work in most major languages and environments, whether web-based, client-server, or traditional legacy systems.

System Design

We can provide systems design services to suit your businesses needs and methodologies. This may include functional specifications, module/program design, object model design, test specifications, user guides and any other required documentation.

Database Design

We are experienced in all aspects of data modelling and database design including: data analysis, entity relationship diagrams (ERDs), logical to physical database mapping, index and key definition, constraints, triggers and stored procedures.

Business Analysis

A full range of Business Analysis services is on offer. This covers requirements capture, process modelling, data flow modelling, and experience in several analysis tools, including Oracle Designer 2000 and Visual Studio.

Legacy System Support

This new service provides short-term substitutes for VMS support staff during periods of unavailability, e.g. for holidays and sickness. This is usually pre-arranged on a long-term contractual basis, but may be available at short notice in case of an emergency (resources permitting).

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